Friday, April 9, 2010

Sprig Toys on the move of manufacturing to Mexico

I posted a few times about the fact that I was un-pleased that Sprig will no longer be manufactured in Canada as this was one of the things I really liked about them.  I decided to write a letter to the manufacturer to get more information on what was going on with Sprig. Below is the answer I received from them.

"Hi Pierrette,
Thank you so much for taking the time to ask these important questions.  We are happy to have the opportunity to respond.

First of all, Sprig’s Canadian manufacturing was done by a third party manufacturing partner in Ontario.  Their main products are auto parts, Brita water filters, and medical equipment.  Sprig was a very small part of their business and we never operated our own plant.  The product line they were manufacturing, the original Adventure Series, is now being phased out, while other lines, made in Mexico, are gearing up.  Please be assured, that in no way is Sprig closing a factory or causing the loss of Canadian jobs.

As to our manufacturing partners in Mexico, we share your concerns that workers be treated ethically and operate in a safe environment.  It is part of our sourcing process to evaluate these considerations in person before making an agreement with any partner.  Our Mexican partners meet and exceed all local government regulations, which include:
·         Maximum Labor Hours: Maximum labor hours that can be worked on a normal schedule are 48 hours per week, with schedules of 8 hours during the day.  Employees must be 18 years of age, or 16 years old only with parental consent.
·         Overtime is no more than 3 hours per day for no more than 3 days per week.
·         Employees are eligible for statutory holidays, vacations and Christmas bonus.
·         Wages are competitive for the area, though difficult to compare with our Canadian partners’ due to the fact that our Canadian manufacturers have been in business for a much longer time and thus have wages one would associate with longer tenures.
I hope this answers your questions.  Please rest assured that Sprig takes these matters as seriously as you do.  We do our very best to ensure that we are providing toys that protect both the environment and the people who occupy it.

Kind regards
Kim Greenlee
Director of Operations
Sprig Toys

Kind regards,
Kim Greenlee
HR & Operations Manager
Sprig Toys
phone - 970-472-0321 x100"

After getting this information it re-assures me once again that Sprig is still on the right track, it would be nice if the toys were still manufactured in Canada but it seems that Sprig is doing everything right to ensure the toys are manufactured by factories that believe in treating their employees well.  If you are interested in some toys from Sprig keep your eye out when you are at Winners as I am always seeing some their at bargain prices.

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