Monday, April 5, 2010

Last food diary

Monday April 5th - C Monster's food diary

Almond Milk
Left Over Waffle with Pure Maple Syrup

Morning Snack
Rest of His Easter Chocolate (not very much)

Soy Beans with Butter and Hemp Seeds
Almond Milk

Afternoon Snack (at the mall)
Juice Box - Mango
Peanut Butter Crepe with a Few Chocolate Chips

Almond Milk
Roasted Chicken

To conclude; C Monster does not eat a perfect diet.  We try to sneak vegetables in because otherwise he would not eat them; I can't get fresh fruit in him unless it's blended in a smoothie. 

I want to mention that my bread machine is on the fritz otherwise you would have probably seen fresh bread in C Monster food diary.

Lots done

I feel like I got tones done today - I love days like this.  I picked up the last piece of edging I needed; I picked up a bike lock for C Monster's wagon, I gave plant food to all my seedlings, washed dishes, made iced tea, swept the floors, vacuumed, changed the bed linens, blogged, chopped up some kale to freeze, watched True Blood (yes this is an important part of Monday for me - it's my treat to myself during C Monster's nap), rotated C Monster's toys, changed the shower curtain... I am sure I forgot something.

Looking Forward

Going to the AGO.

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