Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day 2010

So today is Earth Day; I will admit we did not do anything different today then other days.  I really don't feel I need to - when Christophe is a little older I plan on maybe marking the day with a fun craft or something but nothing else.  For me Earth Day is everyday; don't get me wrong I think celebrating the planet is good and it also helps bring awareness to living "green".

So what did we do today that was "green"
  • Organic food for breakfast, lunch and supper
  • "Carpooled" to Sports Ball (since Geoff had to take the car today anyways he dropped us off on his way)
  • Brought my own shopping bags for my errands today
  • Walked home after Sports Ball
  • Kept all the lights in the house off during the day (sunshine is more then enough to light your house)
  • Made "green" purchases for the things I needed to get today (food and sandals)
  • Breastfed
  • Brought a reusable water bottle for both me and C Monster (his had juice) and when it was smoothy time got them to place it in our bottles instead of cups.
  • Ate an organic lunch at the Big Carrot (very eco-conscious store)
  • Used cloth diapers and G-Diapers
  • Used non-toxic cleaners and beauty products
I think I could go on forever but I will stop now...

Did you celebrate Earth Day or did anything special today?

El Natura Lista - My new sandals
I have had the same pair of Birkenstock since C Monster has been born and well I walk a lot so they are pretty much dead.  I will probably get about half a summer out of them maybe a bit longer.  I had been on the lookout for new sandals something that is comfortable, fashionable, funky and well eco-friendly if possible.  It's hard to find leather footwear that is also eco-friendly at least in part because many people think leather itself is not "green".  I don't fully disagree with them but when it comes to sandals if they are not leather I can never "break them in" and they never stop giving me blisters.  (I will also admit that one of my not so green likes is leather, I do own things made from leather including and not limited to furniture, clothing and shoes).

After looking for over a month for some sandals I found a pair at a locale shoe store Balisi; they met all the criteria but I was not familiar whit the designer - El Natura Lista. Since I had already given up on finding eco-friendly sandals that i liked I bought them.  However the name gave me hope that these were a eco-conscious company.

Guess what they are a eco-consious company here are some of the things they boost about on their web site.

"We use natural materials  
We avoid using polluting substances and toxic products
We seek to protect the environment
We maximize the use of biodegradable and recyclable/recycled materials
We pay fair compensation to providers and employees
We promoted traditional forms of production
We support the use of appropriate new technologies
We operate with corporate transparency"
Image from El Natura Lista
Dead Animals - stinky
So what do you do when you find a dead animal?  We got to discover this joy earlier this week.  C Monster and Aunt Lisa where playing in the lane behind our house when she pointed out what looked like a raccoon that had been deceased for at least a 6 months or so.  He was hidden by a pile of leafs.  we mad sure C Monster did not notice it and kept him clear from the area.  Lisa suggested I called Toronto Animal Services (416-338-7197) and she was right within an hour they were here to bag and remove the stinky poor little fellow.  I have to say I was impressed with their response time; it's nice to see that the animal owner fees we pay them go to good use.
La Leche League International Turns 50  

Looking Forward To
Eating my tummy is growling :-)

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