Friday, April 2, 2010

Kitchen's here and more...

This morning

It's gorgeous out, you would think it is summer today. C Monster and I spent the morning outside; me cleaning the front yard and him drawings with chalk; ridding his tricycle; helping out with the cleaning; playing with his cars.  We also cleared out our little flower patch; we picked all the flowers that had grown - as I want to plant some vegetables here this year; Carrots and Onions.

Now lets rewind backwards and take a look at yesterday...

C Monster Talk

I have to say some of the stuff that comes out of my sons mouth is too cute.  Here is a few conversations.

A toy and him this morning were having a conversation at the table:

C Monster :”whats this?”

Toy : “yum yum me gona eat it”

C Monster : “Oeuf”

Toy : “num num”

C Monster : “mine”

Toy : “me gona eat it”

This one is his reaction to going to Sports Ball at a different time of day. See he started level 2 in Sports Ball (ages 2-3) this week the class is at 9:45 instead of 9am. Geoff dropped us off half way and we walked the other half in the stroller (we used to get dropped of at the door). Geoff dropped us off in front of the Donlands Subway Sation.

C Monster in the car: "more vroom vroom doing doing" - translated "more car ball" or "we did not drive far enough we are not at Sports Ball"

C Monster as I place him in the stroller "cho cho doing doing?" - translated "train ball" or "are we taking the train to Sports Ball"

When we got to Sports Ball we had to pass the door and park our stroller; in the winter we used to bring it in with us because their was construction happening in the stroller parking area.  As we approach and pass the door:
“There it is yeah”
“doing doing ohoh”
“no doing doing”

When he finally understands we are going:
“yeah doing doing”

The Kitchen Arrived

C Monster’s birthday present finally arrived today (I was just one month late). We got him a toy kitchen set from WonderWorld Toys.  I have to say I was a bit disappointed when I opened the box - the description on line was a rubber wood kitchen.  The top and bottom are made from laminated MDF and the round contoured bright bits are foam.  I we would have known this in advance I am not sure it would have changed our mind on what kitchen to get for him but it might have.  I was expecting all the parts except for the little window on the oven door to be rubber wood.  That being said the kitchen is really nice; lots of storage space for all his stuff and the most important thing is that he loves it.

C Monster’s Space Part 3

I was waiting for his kitchen to arrive to do the last segment of C Monster’s space. Like I said perviously we have an extra small home so you need to maximize your space usage as much as possible also it is important for me that C Monster has space to play and store his toys in both the living room and the kitchen as these are the 2 rooms most used in our home.

In my kitchen I have a few open shelves at the end of my cabinets - one section is allocated to toys; again I use the same bins that way toys can be rotated around easily.  In the hallway that connects the living room and the kitchen in order from the living room to the kitchen are:

His tickle trunk (dress up box) - I always stash a few toys on top of it when I am cleaning (in this picture is his abacus and xylophone).  Next is his potty and after that his new kitchen.

To make the space more kid like without making it look horrible I framed a few educational posters and mounted them on the wall.  The frames are designed in a way that the posters can slip out easily and be changed.  We have about 20 posters and I try to change them once every few weeks.

So there you have the Monster’s space... after we are done landscaping and figuring out our back yard I will post about his little corner outside.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to know where you found the frames for the posters

Pierrette said...

The frames are a custom job I had made for us. The white back is left over from glass Ikea doors (this was a piece of press board you could leave there or remove depending on the style you wanted) then the black frames were made to size for me by one of my old reps from before I became a stay at home mom.

I am not sure what he would charge to make them - as he made them from left over bits of another project as a thank you gift for past business I brought him.

Here is a link to his website and the product: