Tuesday, July 1, 2008


As many of you know we are in Moncton now.

On Friday afternoon we went for a walk up the street from my parents house to meet Christophe's great-grandmother. We have visited with her every day since then, it's just a short 10 min walk. I want to make sure he gets to see her as much as possible.

Growing up, my memere (grandmother in french) was like another mom to me; she would look after me when my parents were at work and sometimes I even just wanted to go visit for the fun of it. I was lucky to be surrounded by so much love when I was at her house and I want my son to have an opportunity to see that as well.

When I was little I used to say "Maison memere; maison heureuse" (grandma's house happy house).

Before heading out to see memere we call first to ask my uncle guy to stop smoking. My uncle is an amazing artist but also a chain smoker. He is great and goes to smoke outside while we are there; he is also the reason why we only do short visits each day. As much as he smokes outside while we are there and otherwise only in the basement, there is still a bit smoke left in the house.

The first thing memere said when she saw him was let me sit in the rocking chair so I can rock him. I don't know why but seeing them together made my heart just melt. She rocked him and we talked about stories of her motherhood and children when they were little. I saw a side of my grandma that I had never seen.

I think being far away from my grandma is the hardest part about living in Toronto.


Zet-Girouard said...

that is so sweet!

Danielle said...

awe. you can tell from your writing how much you love her.