Thursday, July 3, 2008

On the Second Day ...

The first day, to be honest, is all a blur. Onset of labour, pre-labour, and labour take all your energy and attention, and then people are stuffing things in your hands and reminding you of things while you're bringing your baby home for the first time, and then you sit back and get some rest and try and start establishing your first crack at a routine with your newborn.

The second day is when you start noticing the details, the things you weren't expecting, or even the things you were expecting. Like the fact that your baby's still a little furry from the laguno in the womb:

Or the fact that he's got little milia instead of pores on his nose:

His fingers are wrinkly:

His ears are squashed and he's still got a little blood in his hair from the trauma of birth:

But, then, it's been about a day, and he's got all the benefit he's going to get from the vernix, so it's time for his first bath to get him all cleaned up:


And, then, back into the routine.

Thanks to maman for the Canon EF 60mm f/2.8 Macro that made it possible to record all these details.


Pierrette said...

I almost forgot how small he was. These make me smile and tear up.

Danielle said...

great pictures! very sweet.