Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lots of new people

All my family is crazy proud of my little guy and love to show him off.

On Friday we went to the Sobey's on Main Street so my sister could show him off to her coworkers. We also bumped in my aunt and uncle Loretta and Emile there.

On Saturday we went Champlain Place and Sobey's once again, so my dad could show him off to his old coworkers. We also borrowed the break room so we could nurse in a quiet area.

On Monday we went to Sobey's on Mountain Road so my dad could show him off to his old coworkers again.

Do you see a pattern forming?

Today Norma and Kristal came over to visit. I used to babysit Kristal and her sister when they were little.

And my aunts Monique's family came by to say hello and supper for supper. My little cousin (not so little anymore - she is a teenager) seemed to enjoy holding him. Also Christophe seemed to be taken by Daniel, the youngest of the family (I think he is 10 now). It was cute to watch him stare and smile at him.

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