Tuesday, July 1, 2008

La Leche Legue - Moncton

As many of you know, I attend the La Leche Legue Meetings in Toronto; we try to go twice a month. It's a spot were I can connect with other moms with similar values as us. I noticed that while I was going to be in Moncton there meeting was going to be held; so we decided to join them.

The topic of discussion was breastfeeding challenges; before the meeting the leaders asked us individually if we were currently facing challenges or had challenges that we beat in the past. Anyone who has been reading our blog from the start knows that I was having major challenges with the amount of milk I was producing.

I ended up sharing my story and one of the moms came up and thanked me because she was happy to see that someone with the same challenge that she was not able to overcome in her previous pregnancy was overcome by someone else. This gave her more hope and determination for her current pregnancy and breastfeeding.

I also bumped in one of sister's friends at the meeting - one more person our little guy met.

I really enjoyed the meeting maybe even more then the ones I go to in Toronto. This may have been because, unlike us in Toronto, mothers in Moncton who want to breastfeed pretty much only have each other. Hospitals still give formula and pacifiers routinly; there are no publicly funded lactation consultants and midwives are not paid for by the goverment. To me, the air in this meeting must have been very similar to the meetings held 40 - 50 years ago when women had almost no outside help with breastfeeding.

We will definitely be back to join them next we are in Moncton.


Anonymous said...

I wish I had seen this article 3 weeks or more ago. I would have handled my situation alot differently in Moncton Hospital. In Ontario, breast feeding is fully supported. In Moncton they preach preventative medicine but really their medicine is stone age; and breast feeding is prehistoric. However, the health officials in the hospital, proudly say tell you they breast fed their little ones. Yet they push formula and pacifiers on your child, without even asking if this is your choice. Shameful behaviour that sabotages especially first time mothers, who are not confident enough to speak up or don't know the impact it will have when they take their little one home.

Pierrette said...

@ Anonymous,

I wish I could say that all of Ontario is brestfeeding friendly, however that i not true. I am lucky enough to be in Toronto and have delivered at a hospital that has been designated baby friendly.

I hope if want to breastfeed your child you do not give up even if you have already weened, many mothers with the proper support can start to nurse a weened infant again.

Good luck and all the best.