Monday, November 10, 2008

Laura Bourque Arsenault AKA memere

At the age of 94 my grandmother has recently published another book "La Vie a travers ma poesie". I felt compelled to blog about this because first of all I am extremely proud of her but furthermore she is probably the person I look up to the most on this planet. She is an amazing women that has always lived by her own rules; she was a feminist before one knew what the word meant. She has always shown unconditional love to her family and respect to everyone that cross her path. These days if you goggle my memere's name some of the items you will find are: An interview with Radio-Canada; An article in l'etoile; A poem written for her; to name a few.

Here is a snippet from her book:

"Une mere est une personne
Qui est a l'ecoute
Donne des petites attentions
Jour apres jour.
Aime sans retour et
Pour laisser ses enfants vivre leur propre vie."
Laura Bourque Arsenault 11 mai 1994

These are words every mother should live by.

Christophe already has his copy of her book autographed by her that he will be able to read once he is older as a way to know her. Hopefully he will find it amusing seeing pictures of himself and his mother published in a book.

Je t'aime memere.

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