Thursday, November 6, 2008

Toy Thursdays

North Star Toys has been making non-toxic wooden toys since 1979 they are a family run business and are based out of Questa New Mexico. All there toys are very well priced and they are an eco-friendly company. Some of the key points that make them eco-friendly are very interesting such as:
  • Their saw dust is used to supplement compost and for chickens
  • The wood-scraps are donated to schools for art projects and are used for kindling
  • Only use local hard woods
  • They only use solar and wind energy
Some of our favorite picks from there catalogue are:

Little Rollie Vehicle Set at $45.00 USD. At less then $6.00 per wooden vehicle this is a steal we will definitely be ordering this one for Christophe when he is a little older.

Busy Boat at $16.00. We were thinking of ordering this one for Christophe at Christmast or for his 1 year birthday. The boat floats in water so this is a great non-toxic bath toy.

Baby's first Toy at $9.00. I find this one very elegant and simple.

Images from North Star Toys website

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