Monday, November 17, 2008

Controversial Motrin Moms Commercial

There is all this talk on blogs, twitter and just about anywheres else where people can voice their opinions about this add, so I looked it up to watch it; since by the time I heard about it Motrin had already pulled it. I am glad they did since this add gives you a false idea of baby wearing. If you are correctly wearing your baby it does not hurt, ever. I still wear my son at 20lbs regularly, now I don't wear him all day like I used to but that is not because it hurst it's because I get to tired from caring and extra 20lbs around and Motrin is not going to give me more energy.

I think Motrin was pretty stupid to think they could get away with this commercial and launching it on a friday was suicidal it gave moms the whole weekend to get work-up about it.

What's your thoughts on this?

1 comment:

Kim said...

"So if I look tired and crazy, people will understand why".

Wow. I had no idea that my babywearing was the cause of my tiredness and crazyness!! Where was this ad when I was busy carrying Sebastian! Ha ha...

It's a ridiculous ad, one in which I actually did find offensive - smart move on their part to pull it. A bunch of tired and crazy babywearing moms (and dads) protesting is surely not a pleasant sight! =)