Monday, November 24, 2008

Blacklisting GoodLife Fitness

After I left Exchange Solutions, GoodLife acquired Bally's, where I had a membership.  I took a few months to explore the available options.  There were several clubs near the new office, including a GoodLife, and also GoodLife was opening a new location near my home.  Given that none of the work options were terribly convenient, and the location near my home wasn't open, I cancelled my membership

Several months later, our credit card expired and GoodLife started to call to complain that they weren't being paid, so I reiterated my cancellation, which they say they hadn't received notification of.  They then cancelled my membership but continued to request payment for previous months.

I brought it up with their customer service department.  Either they could honor my original cancellation and walk away with several months of 'fees already paid but not used' and the potential to have a future customer relationship with me, or they could get their extra couple months of fees from me at the cost of all of my future interest in GoodLife fitness.  I assumed that any reasonable business would rather keep a customer relationship than pick a fight with someone who might well have a much higher long-term profit potential for them.

I assumed wrong.  GoodLife would rather have a couple months fees than retain a decent customer relationship with me.  They explicitly chose to take the payment rather than maintain a relationship, even when phrased in those terms.

So, fair enough -- GoodLife, when you open your location near my home, I won't join.  When I find new employment, if you're the nearest fitness club, I still won't join.  I'm not willing to enter into contract deal with someone who's clearly not willing to operate in good faith.

Just thought I'd pass on my negative vibes to the internet, and those of you who might consider them in the future.

I have to say, I think the entire fitness industry is doing a fine job of pissing off its customer base.  There are very few fitness clubs that seem to operate an ethical business model.  Do you know one?

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