Saturday, November 1, 2008

Unsafe Food Additives

MSG: "Children whose protective blood-brain barrier is not yet fully developed are especially susceptible to the effects of MSG. That's because MSG contains glutamic acid, a neurotransmitter, and the unregulated amounts to which kids may be exposed can have the effect of literally excitting brain cells to death. (Brain cells remember do not regenerate)"

How to avoid MSG:
  1. Check labels to see if food contains MSG
  2. Check labels to see if they contain hydrolyzed proteins, glutamic acid (these both contain MSG)
  3. Inquire if foods contain MSG when eating out. Big culprits of this are deli counters and chinese food.
  4. Avoid foods containing hydrolyzed corn gluten and hydrolyzed wheat protein as these may contain hidden MSG
  5. Avoid the sweetener neotame as it has a similar effect on the body then MSG.
Source: Chemical Free Kids

Want help remembering what chemicals to avoid check out my quick guide to chemical additives.

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