Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christophe has gone mobile

It's official our son is mobile, he can crawl, cruise, crawl to an object and pull himself to standing and don't forget the scariest situation of them all crawl to him push toy pull himself up and take off. This is quit an accomplishment for him as he had been cruising since mid october (7 1/2 months) but did not show any interest in crawling. Were we ever happy when he decided to to pull himself forward on all 4; however now that he has mastered this new skill along with his other mobility skills life is a bit hectic and scary.

First we had to baby proof; I moved all our household items that were dangerous to upper shelves, we bolted all our tall bookcases to the wall (thank you dad for helping out with this); we bought gates and various baby proofing hardware. However I don't think we went overboard, I want Christophe to learn and understand the house; to know that if he collides with things it might hurt (trust me, we moved everything that could seriously injure him). I did not want to create a padded house for him.

The gates we ordered from Safety Super Store. We selected the Safeway gate by Kidco for a few reasons, good safety ratings, stylish and most important in our case it fit our extra narrow doorways. We ended up installing 2 of them one at the bottom of the stairs leading to the second floor and the other at the top of the basement stairs. I was concerned that our cats would not be able get pass the gates, all of them except for Cain have seemed to have figured it out. Able does not even slow down she just walks through the gate like it's not there.

I also read up on baby safety on the internet one article that I came across that I particularly liked was "How to accident-proof your kids" on the CNN website.

To celebrate Christophe new found freedom here is a little video of him cruising with the wall:

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