Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tasty Tuesday

When we first started looking at high chairs for Christophe we decided from the get go we wanted something that did not look like a big hunk of plastic. After lots of research and consideration we selected the Trip Trap from Stokke. A big shout out and a thank you to my coworkers at KML for getting us the chair - we love it. I have to admit at the begining we found the straps frustrating and anoying but have since then found out that it was because Christphe has 2 sleep deprived parents that were not using the chair correctly, since we have figured out how to use the chair - IT ONLY TOOK US 2 MONTHS - we love it.

On of the best parts about this chair is it grows with your child from a baby high chair; to a toddler chair; to a child's chair; to an adult chair. We hope to have many years of use out of this chair.

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