Thursday, February 28, 2008

Update - Early Labour

I just had a hour long nap now I am hungary and waiting for Geoff to get home. He went out to pick up some groceries so we would have some food in the house as I was planning on going grocery shopping tonight.

Since the last post the midwives came by my BP is fine however they will re-check it tomorrow morning to be safe. The contraction that I once did not even notice are now accompanied with back ache and mild cramping.

Around 8pm or so we called Christie because I had some "bloody show" so she came to check on me once again. BP still fine now 3cm dilated and 65% effaced.

The Birth pool arrived I will ask Geoff to post a picture if he has time. They came in to do an emergency pool installation for us. The couple that came to install the pool was very kind and so far I would recommend them to anyone. You can get more information about there pools here.

After the pool was installed Geoff when off to pick up some groceries after I made a list will all my special request and he also stopped by Kim and Basil's to make sure the car seat is properly installed.

The midwives want me to try to rest, when I am not resting try to time the contractions and count babies movements.

Well I am off to see if I can have another nap.

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