Monday, February 18, 2008

Midwife visit - week 35

I am now going to see my midwives every week since as of next week I am term, that means baby can come anytime but will most likely not come till his expect due date of mid march. Because of that I now have a binder with my records that I need to carry around just in case I get swept away to the hospital because baby decides to come early.

The big news this visit is that baby is engaged or locked and loaded as I like to say; this means he has dropped and is in line with the birth canal ready to come. This would also explain my increasing waddling and hip pain.

Christie also gave us our home birth bag it's a few items that are handy to have at home for the birth that they like sending in advance. Here is a picture of the items from the bag.

In 2 weeks Christie and Sarah are going to come do a home visit to make sure we know how to set up the place and to make sure they know how to find us on the big day.

Next visit is my Strep B test we will wait till then to tell you all about it.

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