Friday, February 1, 2008

Snow Day

My first day of my last month before my maternity was to start turned into a snow day.  We dug out the car and started driving to work however I got stuck trying to go up the hill under the bridge at Greenwood.  It kinda freaked me out considering that the bus in front of me could not get up the hill either and cars were fishtailing all over the place.  We figured it was best for me and baby to stay home for the day;  Geoff took over the wheel and got us home safely.  What would have been a 5 min drive on a beautiful day took 30 mins.

I decided to make the best out of my day at home...

1 st project:  finishing putting our custom mirror together.  Almost done just need to let the paint dry and then place the hanging brackets on the back. (Before any of you freak out the paint we are using is zero to low VOC and I called mother risk and they said it was perfectly safe to paint as long as I wear a mask.)

2nd project: Baking, I made 2 kinds of coconut macaroon style cookies, rosemary bread and in the bread machine there is sunflower seed bread.

3rd project: cleaned up email, google reader, finished adding the last few items we need to our registry, filled stuff electronically.

4th project: dishes; this quickly got changed into unclogging a sink that took about an hour.  We used 1 cup backing soda and poured vinegar on it until it stopped fuzzing chased it down with boiling hot water and then used the plunger to clear everything up.  Repeat a few times until problem solved.

5th project: dishes once again...

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