Thursday, February 28, 2008

Midwife Homevisit

We had a very eventful day today.

Both Sarah and Christie arrived at our house this morning at 9am for my home visit. The first thing we talked about was Group B Strep because I tested positive for one of the strains that is resistant to just about everything except penicillin and Vancomycin. Since I had some sort of reaction to penicillin as a child that only leaves one option Vancomycin. This being an extremely strong antibiotic that can not be administered at home. We are probably going to treat based on risk factors, there are a few things that can happen that makes it more likely for baby to get sick from Group B and if any of those variables happen we will be off to the Hospital. If I don't get anibiotics baby will have to get antibiotics so we will have to go to the hospital after the birth for baby so he can get a combination of ampicillin and gentamicin about 4 hours after he is born.

After that slight disappointment that at this point I have almost forgotten about; we went to the bedroom so I could lie down and they could mesure baby and check his heart beat. The heart beat was very low so they listen a bit longer and it came right back up; however they wanted me to go to the hospital for a fetal stress test that bay passed with flying colours.

The test monitors baby's heart beat and if there are any uterine contractions. Almost as soon as the monitors were on Christie asked if I had a Braxton Hicks and I said I don't think so. The monitor was registering contractions, that if I stood really still and paid close attention I could notice them. They kept on coming and have been there all afternoon now. Very mild I barely feel them.

Since I had more them one Christie wanted to check to see If I started dilating and by gosh I have today around noon I was 2-3cm dilated and 50%effaced. So this may be early labour, who am I kidding it probably is early labour, however early labour can last for any amount of time even days.

Christie will be coming by again at home in 30 mins or so to take my blood pressure, because in all of this my blood pressure is also high, high enough to make the midwives worry. If it is still high I will need to go back to the hospital and get some blood work done.

Will keep on positing as long as I am able to :-)

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