Saturday, February 23, 2008

December Renovation Review

Back in December, we were still doing some tear-down. In the upstairs hallway, I'd peeled back the layers 'til we got to this nice plank subfloor. A little squeaky, but authentic. On top of it was really thin 1/4" ply with some strips around the edges, which I decided to replace:

Downstairs, we still had linoleum and carpet, which we'd just gotten clearance to replace without worrying about asbestos, which was great news:

Mostly, pulling the linoleum was as simple as sticking a prybar under it, hitting it with a mallet, and then prying:

Although you had to be careful not to lose a cat into the cold air return where they could go climb into the furnace ...
Once the linoleum was pried up, I cut it in strips and sealed it with duct tape to be trashed.

The carpet was broadloom rolled-goods, held down with a transition strip that was no match for a prybar:
Although the underpadding revealed some more of our friendly neighbourhood carpet-wormy things.
At the transition to the kitchen, I discovered that the kitchen may have a layer of christmas tiles, red and green. I'm not sure who thought that would be a good idea.
The subfloor was covered with ply, and the ply had some crusty layer of paint or possibly adhesive that I could easily scrape off with the prybar:

So, that's where we were in early December. Things have come a long way in the last month or two.

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