Monday, March 24, 2008

Two Palmar Grasps: First Contact and Mommy

Two of the photos I just finished uploading are good examples of how the palmar grasp reflex makes good photos. First of all, there's first contact between Cain and Christophe:

Cain's tail was flipping about, so Christophe grabbed on. Cain didn't seem to mind.

Also, the ever-so-common adult-and-baby hand picture. It's a cliche, but I still like it, and this is my favorite of that kind, so far:

Lots of other new photos of Christophe up over the last few days in the Wiseman Conspiracy group on Flickr. In part because I've strained my Achilles tendon, so I'm not moving around a lot, so I'm spending more time with the laptop than I had been before. Also, I notice we have our first photos added to the group by someone other than Pierrette and I: thanks, mom!

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