Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sleepy Mommy

Well, after the rumors that I was the sleepiest parent of the family, we've finally proven that this is Pierrette's area of expertise. With a newborn, particularly with a less-than-perfect latch or jaundice, falling asleep while feeding is not uncommon. When they start to nod off, you can employ a number of different techniques for re-engaging the nursing, like tickling them, blowing on 'em, pumping limbs, etc.

Last night, when feeding, I had two jobs -- keep Christophe awake, keep Pierrette awake. So, as Christophe would begin to slow at nursing, I'd blow on him. When Pierrette's head would start to dip, I'd blow on her.

So, hah. I'm the awake one now. ;)

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