Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Lost Krzr Afternoon

We ventured out in the snowstorm to go to With Child on Pape, to look into pump rentals. After that, we popped around the corner to Shopper's, for a few supplies. Between With Child and Shopper's, we could tell the snow was hitting hard. By the time I prepared the car for the return trip, I couldn't get the whole car clean before finding that the window I started with couldn't really be seen through, even the back window with the wire in-glass heater. The trip home was a little tense.

Upon arriving home, Pierrette discovered that her KRZR cellphone had made a suicide jump out of its holster on her new diaper bag. We called it a few times and poked around in the car, but no dice. After looking a few more places and feeding Christophe, I headed back out into the snow. I found it outside Shopper's in a snowbank, still working fine (and thus responsive to being called to locate it). Hooray for devices that answer when you call.

I made up for the miserable evening by picking up some pizzas at Magic Oven. Christophe added to the excitement with a sequel I call The Triumphant Return of Poop (US Title: Pop III: The Revenge). That makes three, if you're counting. Tomorrow morning's the next round of bilirubin testing. Fingers crossed.

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