Friday, March 7, 2008

It's a Poop!

Well, Christophe laid down nine meconium diapers on the first twenty-four hours back from the hospital, the last one around 10am on the 2nd of March. After that, nothing. Well, lots of wet diapers, but no more stools.

Although this was mildly worrying, it wasn't an actual sign of danger, and although our midwives found it unusual, they quickly found from talking to their colleagues that it wasn't unheard-of. Unfortunately, jaundice is exacerbated by lack of stools, since the body can't use that avenue to eject bilirubin (and also something about bile salts, although I can no longer remember the detailed explanation).

So it is with great happiness that Pierrette and I are able to announce the arrival (return!) of Christophe's poop, first at the breastfeeding centre this morning and just now, again, at home. Photos will be available on flickr shortly. (No, not really, although I wouldn't put it past Pierrette).


Pierrette said...

At the breast-feeding clinic I cried happy tears when he pooed.

Brenda said...

Yeah! So glad that you were able to get to the next step without any further medical interventions. You must be relieved.