Friday, March 21, 2008

the Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy

At the beginning of my pregnancy Kim lent me this great book called the Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy. Unlike all the textbook and encyclopedia style books you read when you are pregnant this is a lighthearted approach to everything your doctor wont tell you. Since the boo came early I just finished reading the last chapter today. At the end of the book there is this great list...

"The top 10 greatest concerns of pregnant woman:

10. Will my breast stay this big forever? (please, god)
9. Will I feel think sick an tired for the entire nine months?
8. Will my husband ever really understand what I am going throught?
7. Will it hurt to deliver the baby?
6. How badly will it hurt to deliver the baby?
5. Will it hurt more than a bikini wax? Less then broken leg?
4. Will I get all ugly and fat?
3. Will everything down there shrink back to normal after the baby is born?
2. Will I be a good mother?
1. Will the baby be OK?"

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