Thursday, March 20, 2008

Eyes Open, Little Grandson

All is well. For those who know KS, you might want to check her blog, there's an induction underway. It's been a while since I posted. We're in a routine, but there's still not a lot of spare time in the day, so I have to pick between blogging, or cooking something significant, checking my email, watching a TV show, reading a book, or whatever -- rather than getting all of that done, or at least many of those tasks.

Part of it, I'm thinking, is that in order to function at 4am, I need 10-12 hours of interrupted sleep. Since I used to operate mostly on 4-6 hours of completely solid sleep, that means I lose an additional 4-8 hours of potential time.

Christophe's is more alert since the jaundice waned; it's nice to see his eyes open for chunks of the day, gives us a chance to speak to him, catch his attention, play with him a little. I caught this on March 5th, one of the first days he started having periods of alertness:

It's been great to have my mother around when she's been able to be here. Mostly for simple things like having some help with food preparation, dishes and laundry, but also to have her spend some time with her grandson, and help us out on occasion with the night-time tasks. On March 6th, while we were still dealing with low weight and jaundice, she was able to come up and hold Christophe while Pierrette slept. I was up for a bit, but also fell asleep, then later Pierrette woke up and spent the first feed with my mom, without needing to wake me, which was great to help me get some of the sleep I'd been missing:
In general, things are going well, although I'd be happy to have another few months off, and a few more hours in the day.

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