Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sleep deprived father

Before baby was born we were convinced that Geoff would have no issue dealing with the interrupted nights; since he normally only gets 4 hours or so of sleep each night. For me we figured I was going to turn into this evil zombie because I usually sleep 10 hours each night. Were the roles ever reversed. I am functioning extremely well on 1 to 2 hour doses of sleep; on the other hand Geoff can sleep through Christophe crying at the top of his lungs. However he is getting better or I am getting better at telling if he is awake or just talking in his sleep.

The days are starting to meld together so I believe this story happend on night number 2 at home.

I was nursing Christophe and Geoff who had succesfully woken up about 15 mins before and changed Christophe's diaper had fallen into deep sleep again. I suddently needed to go pee and could not hold it in soafter screaming at Geoff, while Christophe was screaming in my arms because he got his boob removed when he was not done with me, I slapped Geoff across the back and he got up looked up at me with blood shot eyes and nodded when I said can you take baby and try to calm him down and change his diaper.

So trusting my baby's father I passed Christophe along, went to the washroom. I could hear Christophe still crying and crying I just guessed that Geoff could not console him.

Was I ever wrong. When I got back to the room Geoff was passed out sitting on the bed, Christophe was in the middle of the bed screaming at the top of his lungs; half dressed so Geoff must of started with the diaper.

I woke geoff back up by screaming at him (I know I should not have but I think this was the only way I could be louder then baby). He just looked at me and said what is wrong with Christophe, what happened. He did not remember one little thing.

However in Geoff defense despite his extreme fatigue he is doing a great job and I have had my moments too. Last night at one of Christophe's middle of the night feeding, we were both sitting on the bed me feeding and Geoff trying to keep the little one going (he likes falling asleep on my breast) and I suddenly said "JPOD". Geoff was like what are you talking about; however in my head I had been having a long conversation of the show with Geoff :-)


Anonymous said...

:) Welcome to parenthoold :) This is exactly what happened with Brendan and I. MOMMY POWER!!! ;)

Laura said...

you guys should really be filming all of this for a reality show... great stories... keep 'em coming...