Wednesday, March 14, 2012


About a month ago I realized I could not read street signs properly when I was driving.  Geoff and I were looking for a street and he asked me to read the street names out for him as he was driving.  We quickly realized that he could read the signs way before me.  Time to get my vision checked!

So last Monday I went in and got my vision checked it changed but not by much at least not enough to make my vision as blurry as it has been.  The culprit was the anti-glare film on my glasses was so scratched up that it's like I am looking true fogged up piece of glass.

As much as I love my Theo's that I have had now for I think 8 years!!!! It was time to get new glasses.

A few pairs of glasses back for Geoff when our regular Eye Glass Shop changed owners we discovered Karir Eyewear.  See we used to shop at Envy in Beach however when the owner sold the shop we found that the new management did not carry any unique frames.  They still have a good selection on contemporary mainstream frames but that is not what we usually look for.

Not only does Karir have great selection; the manager at the Yorkville location is amazing.  He always remembers us by name and "frames".  When we walked in on Saturday the first thing he said to Geoff "How are your glasses treating you?" I would like to point Geoff was not even wearing his sunglasses.

Stay tuned for some pics of me in my new spectacles.

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