Monday, March 12, 2012


My parents were visiting for the last few weeks and my dad helped out with the front hall he finished the painting and hung up some of the hooks.  Now I need to set up some sort of organization for shoes, hats and gloves.  I need up painting twice the first yellow we selected turned out to be a fit too florescent; I am really happy we took the time to re-paint.

For the shoe organizing I have a design in mind that I want to have custom built for the space.  If you know any good carpenters in Toronto please do share their info with me.

I also wanted to take tho moment to share a picture of one of the many details from our house that made us fall in love with it when we first saw it.

The above is a picture of the stained glass window that is in our front hall.  We have another one that matches in the staircase and I am pretty certain that once upon a time their would have been one also in the top half of the front window of the house.  One day we will change the front window and have an artist recreate a matching stained glass window for us.

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