Saturday, March 10, 2012


For his 4th birthday the C Monster asked for a Robot party and his mama delivered...

Robot chocolate cupcake cake that C Monster selected and I created with the aid of this super awesome cookbook that my friend Lisa bought for me. What's New Cupcake? by Karen Tack & Alan Richardson.

I found these really nice robot banners, plates and 3D glasses at Chapters.  I plan on reusing the banners  for decoration in C Monster's room. They were also on a 50% off sale when we got them.

As a cute little surprise I decorated his gift with a robot.  As C monster put "I be real careful mama I want to keep my bag forever."

I even made a robot piñata for him and his friends. It was pretty easy I used an old show box and decorated it with construction paper.  It was hit :-)

I feel like I have to mention this one I am always torn about getting balloons.  C Monster requested them he said he wanted 2 balloons for every friend and 4 for him.  Balloons are hard on the environment as they do not biodegrade and well stay there forever.  They also pose a hazard to animals that try to eat them.  What are your thoughts on balloons?

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