Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Grandma bought C Monster this shirt about a year ago and well this week when we tried it on it was too small.  For the first time he had a fit he started crying and was very upset that his robot shirt would no longer fit him.  This was a first; he has never really cared about clothing.

So I told him I would see if I could find a new one for him.  See this came from the One of a Kind Show in Toronto, so no guaranties that I would find it again.  After googling the name on the tag I found the artisan that made the shirt and contacted them to confirm they would be at the show this coming spring.  Not only did Petra from Kiki Kids Wear confirm they would be at the show she offered to place a shirt on hold for me to ensure I get one in the right size.  Thank you Petra.

On another note in the clothing world C Monster is definetly turning into a fashionista these days.  This morning he wanted to select what he was wearing making certain the colours matched.  As he was putting on his t-shirt he looked at it carefully and said:

him :  "Mama I can't put this t-shirt on"
me: "Why"
him: "It's not perfect"
me: "I don't understand what is wrong with it"
him: "the picture is not all the same colour"
me: "show me I don't understand"
him"look mama there are crakes in the picture it does not look right anymore"

The image on the shirt was starting to crackle and fade, I think I am heading for trouble....

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