Saturday, March 17, 2012


Hoet Glasses (Image by Hoet Design)
As some of you know I was shopping for new glasses recently and well I did not end up buying glasses from Hoet Design but came pretty close.  I flip flop between a pair by Hoet and a pair by Theo for about an hour.  When it came down to it the Theo's worked better for me but I wanted the Hoet to work so much.  They are hands down the most comfortable glasses I have ever put on my face.  They are so light. The strong clean modern lines on the frames are also just gorgeous.  However they only come in black, silver and gold - those colours really do not work with my personality and skin pigmentation; so no Hoet for me this time around but I will certainly look at what they have next time I need glasses.

Check out their site not only do they have fantastic eye wear Hoet also does some fantastic accessories and other design pieces.

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