Friday, March 16, 2012


My new house has a lovely kitchen but it was so hard to organize as there are a lot off deep cupboards and tall ones too.  Since our cutlery tray were screwed in at the old house they had to stay behind this means we have none here.  

My parents were visiting and my dad helped me get started on organizing.  We got 2 bing things done. The first is we used base cabinet dividers to sort out all my pans and trays. However instead of installing them in the bottom cabinet I installed them in the top of my pantry.  See I can only reach about 3 inches higher then the top shelf in the pantry; this lets me reach all the trays and so on and uses up space that otherwise would need a step stool for me to get anything from. We installed then upside-down so that the shelf can still be removed for cleaning. 

The second thing was my spice rack. Before we put the other house on the market we took this down in the old house because I spent a small fortune in 2010 organizing my spices. See I cook a lot so I have lots of spices; as of today I have 63 kinds.  I started getting these little tins from The Spice Trader 2 years ago and collected them all and refilled them as they were empty until all my spices were in matching containers. Then we used magnetic toll bars to hold them up to the back of a cabinet door.  It can hold up to apron 78 jars.

There is lots more to do in the kitchen but at least it's a start.

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Carole said...

Nice blog. You might like this cartoon about "getting organized".