Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tasty Tuesdays

This Tuesday is not about recipes but about how to get great produce in Toronto. I am always surprised find out how many people do not know about all the different Farmers Market in Toronto. Almost everyone knows about St-Lawrence Market but did you know there are tones more to discover. We frequent regularly the East York Farmers Market, East Lynn Farmers Market and Withrow Farmers Market. For a complete list go to

Generally I find that produce from Local Farmers Markets taste better, keep longer and cost less. On top of all those things you are supporting local farmers and by doing so you help the environment by minimizing how far your food has to travel before it gets to your plate. Did you know that on average your food will travel 2400 kilometers. Most of the vendors to not travel more then 200 kilometers to sell there produce, you will find produce coming from Picton (185km), Innisfil (96km), Queensville (62km), Campbellville (63km), Waterford (130km) and
many more.

If you make it to the East York Farmers Market make sure to stop at the Round Plains Plantation booth and pick up some purple or white sweet potatoes they are fantastic. This is also were we get all our jams and jellies from Hattie's Booth; some of our favorites are strawberry jam, plum jam and apple chutney.

In short eat fresh and cut your carbon foot print.

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