Friday, August 15, 2008

Pregnancy for Three-Year-Olds

Step 1: Consider The Option:
Many three-year-olds haven't even considered becoming pregnant. It's a novel idea, and it takes a visionary mind.

Step 2: Find a Partner:
It takes two, so they say. It's pretty difficult to load that baby (or doll) into the shirt by yourself, you know.

Step 3: Show Off:
Look ma, I'm pregnant!


Lisa @ ParentTalk said...

Hi Pierette. Thanks for your comments on our ParentTalk Forums. You've reminded me to get some Seventh Generation diapers down at Carrot Common - soon! Do they sell them anywhere else (ideally in north/east Toronto)?

Pierrette said...

Hi Lisa.
I have purchased in the past or seen Seventh Generation at:
Grass Roots - 372 Danforth Avenue
Strictly Bulk - 638 Danforth Avenue
Baby on the Hip - 969 Queen St. East
The Natural Food Depot - 2075 Lawrence Avenue East

Geoffrey Wiseman said...

They're pretty common in "green" and "health food" stores, and even some grocery stores, so should be possible to find some close to home.