Sunday, August 31, 2008


Today our little guy was startled grown-up style for the first time. All babies are born with a startle reflex but this is not the kind of startle I am talking about. You know how when we as adults get scared and we jump and let go a scream or an "ahh"; well the cat jumped down near Christophe and this is exactly what he did. Unfortunately I was not there to see it but I heard it from the other room, papa was the witness.


Geoffrey Wiseman said...

Yes, it was cute. Any time Christophe's been startled before, it moved to tears, or at least a lower-lip tremble. This was more like a little startled yell, like "Aaaa!" and then he went right back to what he was doing.

In all fairness to Christophe, Abel was leaping down from the top of the armoire, so she comes from high up, typically out of your normal line of sight, and lands with quite a bang.

Anyway -- was fun to see the change.

Rosie : ) said...

That must have been very cute. :)