Monday, August 4, 2008

The cottage

We just got back on Saturday from a week at the cottage...

Grand-mama Wiseman rented a cottage at Sauble Beach - "Frenchman Bay Cottages". The cottage was absolutely beautiful and only a 5 min walk to the beach. These were not your typical cottages it felt more like a home away from home. The owner Dorothy (she has her house on the property) was really nice and loves kids. There are 2 cottages on the property, a small play area with swings and stuff for the kids, a pond, a hammock, lots of seating, a few fire pits, access to a washer and dryer (very
important when you are doing cloth diapers). I would definitely recommend this property to anyone with kids.

You ask - what did we do for a week while at the cottage...

Monday - Left at 7 am and amazingly enough he slept right straight true until we got there 3 1/2 hours later. Once there we unpacked and headed over to the beach. The water was too cold for the little guy to go in so we hung out in the sun for a little bit, then headed back to the cottage for a quiet afternoon and night. My favorite thing rapidly became sitting on the patio reading a book while Christophe was sleeping on me. It's so quiet there.

Tuesday - We decided to skip the beach this day while our cousins Benjamin and Sarah (that were also at the cottage with there mom) went to the beach. We took a little walk and had some play time outside on our mat under the trees while I did my yoga. Christophe loved playing outside so much that I got to do 30 mins of yoga almost every day. Oh did I mention he only wok up around 7:30 am. He slept so well (once he got down for the night) at the cottage I think it was all the tranquility and the sleeping to noise of crickets, birds and other little creatures.

Wednesday - Once again we skipped the beach. However we joined in when the gang all decided to go for a trip to Wiarton. They have a play ground just by the water. Christophe enjoyed watching the kids play on the monkey bars and run around. We tried him for the first time in the baby swings on his own he seemed to enjoy it.

Thursday - Wednesday night there was a big storm and it was chilly so we stayed in for the day. In the late afternoon we decided to check Sauble Falls. As Sarah puts it "This is a very special place". You could walk right into the falls and swim around them, there must of been 50 or so people playing in the water. Since we did not have our suits we had to limit ourselves to walking about. Christophe took his first real steps always holding on to both of my hands in the falls. I think the water and the rocks helped stimulate his little feet. (Ever since then he now takes 3 to 6 steps each time you stand him up)

In the evening we went for a sunset walk along the beach; I missed walking in the water with waves crashing on your feet. Christophe really seemed to enjoy watching the waves all curled up against me.

Friday - We finally went to the beach again. I walked out in the water with Christophe and let the waves crash on us, splashing him in the toes and legs. He seemed to be amused but not to excited. I think it may have been sensory overload. Once again he really liked looking out at the waves. I tried lowering him in the water up to his waist he did not cry but mad his said frowny face so we decided not to push it and went to play on the beach instead.
Durring the afternoon we though Benjamine and Sarah how to play rummy. Tara's kids really love playing cards. In the evening Chritophe slept while I ensured everything was packed for a early departure to Toronto.

Saturday - We got on the road at 7:30 am and arrived in Orangeville for a quick stop about and hour and a half later. I pulled up at the first parking lot I saw to nurse him and it happened to be a toy store - "Kids Can Do" 163 First Street- They had a great selection of wood toys so we picked up a few items.

Alphabet blocks by ELC

and a sorting Wheel by GALT Toys.

Unfortunately the rest of the ride home was not as smooth, I got stuck in traffic twice and Christophe hates it when the car stands still so we had 2 - 15 minute crying sessions.

However when we got home both Papa and Christophe were happy to see each other.

Thank you Grand-mama for the week at the cottage.

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