Friday, January 18, 2008


Many of you know that I have been doing Yoga since the beginning of the pregnancy. I have found this to be extremely helpful in keeping my joints from being stiff from all the changes happening. It also should help build my stamina for the birth and teaches me various relaxation techniques. All good stuff for the big day.

I tried a few different places before settling on Sasmita Prenatal Yoga the lady who teaches the class is also a Doula. The classes are thought in an old church on Queen Street East and are very small in size.

So it is now official I am the biggest in the class, I mean the next one that is "due". I look at all the moms to be that are just starting the class and can't believe that I was them just a short while ago.

My favorite pose is "childs pose".  I also really enjoy the cat and the warrior poses.  When I first started I was a pro at squatting however it is getting more and more challenging;  I can still go as far down as I used to however because my center of gravity has shifted I always feel like I am going to fall face forward.

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