Saturday, January 19, 2008

This week

Both Geoff and I have been very busy during the past week.

Geoff has been working hard on the house getting almost all the underlayment for the floors complete. We picked up from friends all the tools necessary to complete the floor, a compressor, a floor stapler, a water saw... (a thank you goes out to Shawn, Kregg, Deanna and Ed)

On Wednesday our new fridge arrived. Yippy for us.

Today I work on my picture wall. At the top of the stairs we are hanging a selection of frames that will end up covering most of the wall. All I need to do now is wait till we put in the corner shelf to hang the rest of the frames to make sure they are all nice and snug to the shelves.

I also spent a large chuck of the week cleaning up the chaos let behind from both Geoff and I being sick. Now I am relaxing while Geoff is finishing up the dishes, I think I must of done 5 loads of dishes during the past 2 days so I decided it was Geoff's turn.

This morning baby finally decided to let us hear his heart beat. We bought this weird baby listening device that was absolutely not working for us now for almost 2 months, but this morning finally we got it. It was like we struck gold after trying for so long. I will take more about this next time.

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