Friday, January 25, 2008

Hallway Flooring Retrospective

This is from back in December, again. It's the flooring in the hall outside the bathroom. Underneath the carpet and the vinyl tile, there was this odd snakeskin vinyl rolled goods, with some kind of coconut-husk-y backing. Underneath that was old linoleum/marmoleum, 1/4" thick, flexible, and with a nice green stripe to it.

Underneath that, some plywood - subfloor/underlayment on top of the plank subfloor. The ply didn't go to the edges, so we ripped that up and put in new 1/4" fir ply. Once I finish sanding down the underlayment/subfloor on the bathroom transition, it'll be ready for a little leveling compound/crack filler, and the new bamboo.

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