Saturday, January 12, 2008

Busy Month for Daddy

(Posting from Pierrette's Laptop, even though this is Geoffrey; more on that in the next paragraph.)

It's been a busy month so far.  While working from home on the holidays, my laptop brick died, and Best Buy will only repair the unit as a whole, so I had to ship out the entire laptop so that they can fix a defective power adapter.  That, or pay $150 for an adapter that they will fix for free on a laptop that only cost $699 to begin with.

So my laptop's in the shop, and with it, some of the photos I was planning to post here.  If they fry my HD while fixing/replacing the power adapter, I'll be very irritated, but there wasn't a good solution to backup the HD while I was running out of battery power, and their $80 backup didn't appeal to me.

After that, I really focused on the renovation, tearing up the flooring on the main floor to make way for the bamboo.  I carried an 8x12' 1/4" plywood panel home from Home Depot to acclimatize for new subfloor - not yet sure if it's enough, but it's a start.  Also took the fan off the ceiling in the bedroom since the light has stopped working - either I've gotta diagnose it, or we've gotta replace it.  Either way.

Then I got the flu - fever for several days, lots of sleep, not much else.  Yesterday, I recovered enough to return to work and then we spent the evening picking up 13 boxes of composite vertical strip bamboo flooring from Rona in Ed's van (Thanks, Ed!).  I know I'm recovering because I'm no longer able to sleep all day every day - so I was up 'til 2am reading about tiles and transitions (tiles should probably have a backerboard, rather than simply subfloor - so subfloor, thinset, backerboard, optional membrane, thinset, tiles; thinset for porcelain needs to be premium latex-modified, unless you're using schluter ditra, at which point they recommend unmodified thinset, etc.)  Adding to all this, Pierrette had heavy heartburn and was running low on liquid cal-mag, which wasn't working, so I went out to get her some Tums at 3:30, after doing a quick round of research on what heartburn medicine was ok for pregnancy (stick to chewable calcium carbonate, mostly).

So it's a late start to Saturday, after a long night.  Time to go eat breakfast and get on to cutting some subfloor (outside, I hope, if the weather co-operates).

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