Sunday, January 13, 2008

Midwife visit - Jan 10

Last Thursday morning we had a routine visit to the Midwives Clinic.  This time, I got to meet Sarah: she is a student midwife graduating at the end of March that will be attending the birth.  She is great.  There is something about students that I always love, and I can never place it.  She said she is excited to meet our Doula (Deanna) at the birth since she has heard from other midwives that Deanna is one of the best at what she does.  I also met Deborah briefly; she is considered our third midwife and will only be at the birth if both our primary and secondary midwives are already at births (so chances are she won't be there) but it's good to meet her just in case.  My next appointment will also be with her, since both Christie and Merhan are on vacation for the month of January.

I have to say one of the things I love about midwifery is that they do their best to make sure that you will know at least one person very well at your birth,  so you don't have a stranger helping and caring for you during the most emotional time of your life.

Despite the fact that mom was sicker then I think she has been for over 10 years;  (The last time I was this ill I think it's when I had Mono) baby was fine.

Mom's story first:
On Sunday I started feeling like I had upset bowels which caused me to go to the bathroom a lot,  I did not think twice about it since I have a lot of food sensitivities and it just felt like I ate something I should not have.  Lisa and I went out to do some errands during the day (Olympia Tile; Canadian Tire and Groceries) as 5pm was approaching I started feeling nauseous and light-headed.  As I am stubborn and wanted to finish my errands, I said "let's just hurry and do the groceries, you can help me and then we will go home."  I also grabbed a small snack because these days I sometimes get nauseous if I let my stomach go empty.  Well, was I ever wrong, we got to the grocery store and I started feeling worse so we left the cart as it was with a few bits in it and returned home promptly where I lied down.  Soon after that it all started.  I will leave it at: I vomited parts of me that I did not know was possible.  Once that stopped, the next morning around 4:30 am I now started re-hydrating myself but staying away from all foods until Tuesday, where we tried toast.  On Wednesday I was feeling up to eating bland foods in small amounts and am still at that point today.  If I eat too fast it irritates my stomach and I get killer heart burn that makes me feel like I am going to get sick. 

One thing I learned is that unborn babies can go 3 days or so without the mothers eating anything as long as you are drinking water; after that as long as you stay hydrated they can go for weeks even if mom is malnourished.  The only person that will suffer is mom.  However I don't recommend anyone to try this as it is always better to have a balanced diet.

Baby Story:
Baby is doing great he is in the cephalic position.  That is the clinical term for head down.  The has been head down since September so I am expecting a squished head baby when he born.  His heart beat is 140, a little lower then his typical 150, but Sarah said that is in the normal healthy range, so no worries.  However, she had a heard time finding the heart beat with the stethoscope since my tummy was louder then baby.  Baby must have had some 'sound show' the past week.

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