Friday, January 25, 2008

Midwife visit - Jan 24

Baby is well his heart beat is between 130 and 140 very normal for this time. He is still head down and Debra (who was replacing our midwives will they are on vacation) says he is growing fine. This visit they took some blood to test my iron levels, she said if there is a problem with the results she will call me.

Other then that yesterday we had our hospital tour (just in case we need to go). As much as the birthing wing is great at Toronto East General, this reinforced why we are doing a home birth and have a midwife.

The first thing that made me say to Geoff 'I am happy I wont have to do that' was the triage room, a large room with lots of beds that you wait in until you are dilated enough; however this is only if you have an OBGYN: midwife patients are triaged at home.

The rooms were all nice for hospital suites but having my own bed afterward, my own kitchen if I am hungry (there is nothing open near the hospital late at night), somewhere for Geoff to sleep that is not a horribly small surface (he is a big guy after all). It was also so warm in there that I though I was going to pass out.

However as much as the delivery bed is very hospital like it would be neat to have a bed that can do all of those crazy adjustments to help push baby out.

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