Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sippy Cups

OK so we are in the hunt for a new drinking cup for C Monster.  Our main requirements are:
- does not leak when tipped over
- C Monster can not shake out the contents
- not made from plastic (at least the inside parts that touch the liquid)
- shock resistant - i.e. not made from glass

The reason this came to is that we have owned many different cups for him. (see past post) but still have not found the perfect cup.

Cup number 1 - The Kleen Kanteen is great as he can drink from it, he likes it cause it looks like ours and now he even uses a sports top like ours - however he can also shake the water out all over the place when he wants to.

Cup number 2 - The Born Free we converted 2 baby bottles that we never used into a sippy cups again the issue is C Monster can shake out the contents also they are glass and well he got mad one day a pitched one - you can guess what happened after that.

Cup number 3 - The Foogo it's leak proof, shatter resistant, made from metal and so on but their is just one problem - we have owned 3 in a year and half and all of them have broken. The first one lasted a long time about a year or so - after a year the lid stopped closing and then yesterday the plastic base fell off.  The second one we had cracked at the base after about 3 months and started leaking water.  The 3rd one's lid broke just 2 weeks after we bought it.  I had call Foogo and they said they would send me a replacement lid - that was over 3 months ago now and well I do not have a replacement yet and don't think I will ever get one.

And yes for any of you wondering I am going to send a link to this blog post to Foogo.

Any other cup we tried with him can't really be counted as they were tried when he was only 12 months old and well he has changed a lot since then.

Do you have a favorite Sippy Cup? if so please share with me.

Looking Forward To?

Having a sippy cup that I like  - I know I am not very creative today

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