Monday, March 2, 2009


SaHM - that is me.

Today should have been my first day back at KML (my former employer). I should have been busy coming up with new office concepts and designs to impress clients; (on top of being a mom I am an Interior Designer) instead my day was scheduled as follows:

in the morning:
  • dishes
  • made the beds
  • prepped supper
  • played with blocks
  • read board books
  • made a few puzzles
  • sung my ABC's and many other songs
  • made lunch

in the afternoon:
  • watched the mom show while Christophe slept on me
  • did laundry while Christophe slept on the living room floor (on his mat)
  • went to Toys r us
  • went to Treasure Island
  • played with our new toys
  • finished making supper
I would not trade my new job as a SaHM for anything in the whole world.

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