Monday, April 21, 2008

Memere and pepere

We had a few busy weeks, my mom and dad arrived early in the month for a visit and stayed till last Wednesday. It was great having them around to help out.

My dad did al sorts of stuff around the house including finishing the Nursery (thank you so much); I will post about the nursery separately. My mom help with cooking and cleaning. Both of them also spent tones of time with Christophe.

One of the more eventful days was when we ventured out to the Eaton Center to visit with Suzan and Ed (my aunt and uncle). We ate out at a sit down restaurant, I breast-fed in the mall, we did some shopping at the Disney Store, Indigo, the Bay and Sears; I was so tired when we got home.

My dad bought Christophe the greatest toy - Fuzzi Lovebug.

Most of the days where not as action packed they involved walks in the afternoon and naps in the morning.

Well we miss you mom and dad; looking forward to the next visit.

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30 Minute Mommy said...

What a sweet picture! That Fuzzi Lovebug looks interesting. I have never seen it before.