Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Junk Mail

I feel like I am always on a uphill battle trying to control the amount of paper that comes into my house. Each time we receive junk mail addressed to us we contact the sender and ask to be removed from there list.

FYI for new moms out there do not give out your address to Tyme Maternity in there contest slip. I have asked them over and over to stop mailings and on top of their mailings you will get tones of stuff from Pamper, Enfamil and Nestly. Nestly is pretty respectful when you ask to be removed from there list other then the fact they sent me 3 coupons for free formula before they did so. (giving out free formula is against the WHO) I am still working on stoping the mail

Today to help curb the amount of paper we receive and try to save a few more trees we are going to make a few no flyer signs.

Steps to make sign:

1. find a paper flyer that was only printed on one side to reuse for printing
2. select one of the following images and print
No Junk Mail
No Flyers
3. cut out the image
4. (optional) laminate the image both sides using clear mactac - this will somewhat protect it from the weather elements
5. attache to your mail box

A few articles and web sites that I found interesting on the subject:
Government of Canada
Clean Calgary
Red Dot Campaign


Anonymous said...

I'd like to know how to get Bell Canada from delivering those huge phone books! I find that such a waste since 90% of us can access it online!

Geoffrey Wiseman said...

Well, this page implies it may be possible.