Tuesday, November 6, 2007

21 weeks

I think I hit this great easy stretch in the pregnancy. I am sleeping well, eating well, my joints don't hurt as much.... However I am starting to feel fat. According to the scale I am not really that fat I only gained a few pounds from my conception date weight. This is probably due to the fact I exercise and cut down on the amount of junk I eat. However I still feel fat. It's probably because bending down is getting more complicated ( spread your legs then bend need to make room fro baby ) The other day I was vacuuming our vents; what was normally and easy thing to do, turn into this acrobatic feat. (Thanks Lisa for helping) First you sit down because crouching over for that long doesn't happen; then you do the semi splits with the vent in front of you then you can start doing the work. Another thing I have realized is carrying large things get odd you need to make sure it hangs below your belly. Which I find strains my little arms.

On another note I am eating more and more I think I need to be fed at every hour on the hour or I start getting nasty. I am just like a newborn baby don't get fed start crying. No it's not that bad but get what I mean.

Tomorrow I have my next midwife appointment it will be the first one that Geoff misses he is San Fran this week at a tech conference. It will weird not having him there as he has been to every doctors visit with me so far. Last night I called him to say good night to me and the baby. He is going to be such a great dad I held the phone to my belly and he talked to baby.

Oh and I have my car back yippy - it only took 2 weeks.

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