Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Just an update

Our little guy is definitely busy and active. I feel him every morning, evening and sometimes in the afternoon. I guess unborn children do not need sleep :-) For the first time in like forever I slept perfectly on Sunday and Monday, I must figure out what was different.

Geoff started working on the nursery on Sunday I am hopping he can get all the painting done. the next step after that will be the floor will most likely that 2 weeks. Calling all help :-) If anyone wants to donate there time let us know we would appreciate it.

Last weekend I got a bunch of cute little clothes for baby and a few toys at this great baby bazaar that is held by the Toronto Association of Multiple Births. I also got this cutest Calvin Klein outfit, little jeans, a one-zee and a hoodie. I also checked out the Value Village in our Area and Kim and Danielle are right there are lost of great buys there. I also made my way to the Blinds to go to start looking at a blind for the nursery I think we are going to get a fabric roller shade that has a black out material pasted on the back, once Geoff is done with the painting we will go look a them together.

Well Happy Halloween - So how much candy is an unborn baby aloud to have?

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