Wednesday, October 24, 2007

hello from inside

I have tones to share as I have not written in over 2 weeks. My parent were in town for 2 weeks and a bit so we were pretty busy and when we were not we spent some family time or just vegged in front of the TV. My dad (love him to death) spent most of his time working on my house, always making sure to talk to me fist to ensure that nothing he was doing was bad for baby. On the house front for those of you who have seen our house you will not recognize the front half, paint has gone up, some mouldings, some carpet has been removed.... It's now up to Geoff to do the floor and finish the rest of the mouldings. The living room feels so much bigger now and I have lights in there. Yeah for lights. I can't wait to spend evenings rocking our son in our new glider in our new living room.

Yes that is what I said our son. It's was confirmed on October 22nd that we are having a boy. Time to shop :-) My mom calls him his little wiseman (ha ha) I think she may drive both him and me crazy with that and Geoff can probably relate. For some strange reason from day one I called baby a he, it's like you know what is inside you it's very strange.

Other then the house we have been out shopping started to by all sorts of sweet little outfits and toys (mostly gifts from memere) However I found these great little pjs that say cranky on the front and on the but an could not resist.

Other interesting news is that I am turning into an absent minded crazy person to say the least. Every time I try to open a door I drop my keys. I probably forget to do something somewhat important everyday at work (need to write everything down), and I succeeded to be involved in 2 collisions in less then a month (baby and me are fine as they were both at sub 10 speed). The first one was with a parked car and the second one not as forgiving to my car was while changing lanes in front of a parked transport truck that decided to move forward into me. So I guess I am no longer aloud to drive at speeds slower the 40 and then everything will be fine.

about 2 weeks ago a milestone in our sons life happened I started feeling him move. At first I was not sure what it was and I could only feel him when I was sitting or right after meals it felt like he was tickling me from the inside right behind my belly button. i immediately had to itch my belly it was quite annoying yet pleasant because i knew it was him. After about a week I started feeling it much more often and the feeling changed it was more like a small firework because it was a sharp point with tingling all around it almost like a singular pin from having pins and needles in your leg because it feel asleep. I now feel him everyday many times almost every-time I am sitting still or lying down. Another feeling of almost a round pressure has been added sometimes when I lye down which makes me think that this is him turning maybe his back against me. Geoff is always asking baby to move a lot as he wants to feel him to but not yet he needs to grow a little more first.

I will let Geoff write about the (oh there goes baby I can feel him wiggle around) ultrasound as he was able to watch the full 1 hour and I only got a 15 minute tour at the end.

That is it for now my son and I say by by.

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Kim said...

Try to embrace the absent minded crazy person... it doesn't go away (at least, it hasn't for me!?!). I think it's biology's way of ensuring that we pay attention to what's really important - the baby...or shall I say, your son. =)